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god_of_fuck_xx's Journal

3 April
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I look Irish, but I'm not. I absolutely LOVE Italian people. I dislike clowns. I'm very tall. I like to chew 5 GUM! Purple eye shadow is cool. I like to take pictures of myself. I need my computer, iPod, bass guitar and friends or I'll die. Oh, and my cell phone. I LOVE penguins and pigs. I can't sing. I can draw pretty good I guess. I love love love talking. I do not own any clothing from Abercrombie, Hollister or American Eagle and I don't plan on getting any. I like Hot Topic. I like Spencers. I like The Salvation Army. I want to be able to play bass as good as Duff McKagan. I refuse to fit in.

"Luna is sick. She's a ginger so she's like, more sick. We need to chill again sometime but NOOOO SHE HAS TO LIVE IN NEW YORK. Uh, yeah we met on the interwebz but just LOOK AT US NOW WE'RE LIEK TTLY BBF 4 LIFE!11one!shift+1! She loves Guns N' Roses which is fucking sweet, and she loves Mr. Axl Rose cause of me. C: She has a sick sense of style too that little shit. :D She plays bass. That's hot. She wants to be as good as that stupid fuck Duff McKagan BUT WE ALL LOVE HIM ANYWAYS. She's my little loser forever. Uhhh, oh and next time I see her I'm gonna like, totally hump her cause... CAUSE THAT'S WHY YEAH. AND she loves Marilyn Manson but he scares me. D:" -Maria Barca, thank you so much for your amazingly retarded description of me. C:

"luna is, like, woosh. Like.... on FIYA. (her hair looks like it sometimes). she's one craaaaazzzyy mothafucka, and currently loves making 80s hair =3 Unfortunately for me SHE'S OBSESSED WITH A CERTAIN SOMEBODY *coughcuoghcoughcough* but that's okay because the rest of the time she's not obsessing she's always doin' something cool like playing bass and drawin' and shit and she thinks Marilyn Manson is her god. And he is. To her. LULZ." -Crazy person LIZ